While helping clean out my Grandmother’s basement, I discovered a shoe box with something wrapped in tissue paper.   Enclosed was a beautiful glass looking replica of the Salt Lake City Utah temple.  Upon closer inspection, I discovered that it was made out of clear crystal beads which had been woven together with fishing line.  Also nested in the box were more beads, a partially finished second temple, and a set of instructions identified with “Lasting Spires patterns made by Karen and Doug Andersen”.   I couldn’t wait to try to make one of my own.

My wedding cake topper had been a glass Salt Lake City Temple.  After about 4 yrs and 6 moves, even my glue gun repairs couldn’t keep it together. If the moves hadn’t broken it beyond repair, I’m sure our young children would have, as we made it a centerpiece no matter where we lived.

What makes Lasting Spires designs so wonderful is that their beauty and resilience are unparalleled.   From cake toppers, to nightlights, anniversary gifts, and Christmas tree ornaments, they are a family favorite that can be enjoyed by all ages for years to come.

Lori Nielsen